Seamless Vendor Selection

Always select the best vendor based on a competitive sourcing process.


Set the groundwork for successful projects at an early stage.

APADUA SOURCE guides you safely through the RFP and awarding process. No matter whether you have previous knowledge in sourcing professional services or not.

Project Specification

Specify all your projects using standardized parameters along a guided process. This is the basis for initiating transparent, fair, and compliant project RFPs in just a few minutes.

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Your project specifications are matched in real-time with the profiles of the firms in the APADUA database. You will receive suggestions classified into specialists, diversified, and generalists.

RFP Creation

The preparation of relevant RFP documents becomes very easy along a guided process. This way you ensure that all potential vendors will work on the basis of the best possible information.


Cover Letter

The creation of comprehensive cover letters is child’s play with the Online Text Editor. This way you can be sure that all relevant RFP information is up-to-date and always synchronized.

Evaluation Matrix

Avoid the complexity and efforts of coordinating evaluations via Excel and email. APADUA makes the collaborative evaluation of received proposals and concepts with the relevant stakeholders becomes very easy.

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Cover all steps of the professional procurement supply chain with one software.

Unite the procurement and the technical department. Have both teams easily collaborate on one platform and guarantee an efficient, successful and traceable procurement process. Save time and money with a standardized and industry proven process which guarantees substantial savings while providing superior results.

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