apadua at procurement summit 2022

Procurement Summit 2022 in Hamburg

Meet us at Procurement Summit 2022 – the event for digitalization and innovation in the procurement sector.

Wherever sustainable (digital) strategies for procurement are being discussed, we are there, too. Visit us at our booth A16 and feel free to drop by at our two masterclasses.


APADUA Explore Insights – Corporate Venture Building

In this regular series, we deliver key insights into the main branches of the professional services industry and present you with some of the most interesting players of each branch. Todays topic – Corporate Venture Building We are living in times, where change is part of our everyday life. It feels like new, ground breaking…


Consulting Pricing Benchmark – Strategic Insights 2020

Spending EUR 4.000 or more per day on a single resource seems ridiculously expensive. However, such price tags are common among professional services firms (PSFs) and especially in Management Consulting. One might easily question the justification for such rates. Such critics are nourished by a certain opaqueness of the market structure and pricing methodologies of…


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