Collaborative Quality Assurance

Use Collective Intelligence to continuously evaluate the performance of your projects.


Identify project risks before they become problems.

  • APADUA MONITOR is an easy-to-use, collaborative Quality Assurance System that pays full attention to the knowledge and sentiment of each individual stakeholder.

People instead of key indicators

Listen to the voices of those who really matter – the people on the project. Through short, standardized surveys, you gain first-hand insights that would otherwise remain hidden from you.

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Continuous project evaluation

Create custom project evaluations to continuously collect feedback from internal and external stakeholders. Participants can easily access the surveys from their mobile devices and provide valuable insights in less that three minutes.

Risk management instead of troubleshooting

Identify and address project risks before they become real problems. Your proactivity has a positive effect on goal achievement, adherence to schedules, budget, transparency and customer satisfactio

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apadua monitor vendor portfolio

Everything at a glance

With the central dashboard you can easily navigate through your project & service provider portfolio. This way, you always have an overview of current, past and planned projects..

Measuring milestone completion is good. Obtaining qualitative feedback is better. Especially when you hear both sides.

Often a project seems to run well until actual results have to be delivered. By obtaining qualitative feedback from both internal and external stakeholders, you are able to get an objective picture of the project that takes into account the different perspectives. Through standardized reports you can be sure that you always know where your project stands.

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