know what is happening on your project. Anytime.


Successful project managers are able to detect any project issues before they even occur.

  • MONITOR puts you in the drivers seat for your project. The unique software will help you to measure the actual progress and possible pain points through qualitative analysis.

Manage Projects

The core of MONITOR is an organized Dashboard which helps you to manage and organize all your past, current and future projects. Import all the internal and external stakeholders and individually plan the MONITOR for each project.

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Don’t miss any details

Through qualitative surveys of internal and external stakeholders you will receive a unique, bird like perspective of your project. With specific questions, we measure different success factors which are relevant for your project. By keeping everything strictly anonymous, we create a safe space for each stakeholder to raise his concerns.

Measure Performance

Measure and track the performance of the project through our industry proven KPIs. You will receive a detailed report after each evaluation session to see the current status of your project. Compare the scores between different sessions to quickly realize any shortfall or possible thread. Individual comments by project stakeholders give you an additional, valuable insight.

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Milestones are good. Qualitative feedback is better. Especially when you see both sides.

Most of the times a project seems to go well, until real results need to be delivered. By collecting qualitative feedback from both internal and external stakeholders, we are able to create an objective picture of the project, covering all the different perspectives. Through proven KPIs you can be sure to always know what is happening.

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